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Module 1 – Planning for Success
Taking Action!
6.  Keep track of your progress.
Note down everything you do towards reaching your goals and include the date. Write them on a pad or book, or on a big sheet of paper on the wall. And look at your goals every day – work out how much closer you are today because of what you have completed yesterday.
7.  Keep asking yourself “How is what I’m doing helping me achieve my goals?”
If you can’t answer this question, you may be on the wrong track to reaching your goals. Refocus, and change your plan if you need to.
8.  Encourage yourself.
Use positive self-talk and praise yourself. Make an internal picture of how you would feel as a successful person.
9.  Act as if you have already reached your goal.
Pretend you have already reached your goal and act on it. You’ll find you’ll have more confidence and will feel more positive about things. You might even find it easier to approach people and talk or ask about what you want.
10.  Failure is feedback
All great successes have had time of failure. Know that mistakes or times of failure are a natural part of achieving your goal. There are bumps in the road but never the end of the road.
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