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Module 1 – Planning for Success
Any change or major event in our lives should be planned out. This will give you confidence about the steps you will need to take, what to expect and what exactly is the outcome. So we will start with a goal.

A goal is a dream with deadlines. It helps us decide what we do with our time and energy – and gives us a direction to follow so that we can reach our dream.
There are short and long-term goals. A short-term goal is one that you aim to reach in the near future, say in two weeks to three months’ time. A longer-term goal is one that is further in the future, maybe six months to a year or longer. By focusing on a goal, we can make better decisions about our lives.

What do you want to step up to in life? What things do you want to own? What job would you like?

These are all just dreams until you decide to take action steps to achieve your goals.
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