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Module 10 – Know Your Rights
Pay Equity:
Pay equity means gender doesn’t affect what people are paid. Women receive the same pay as men for doing the same work and also for doing work that is different but of equal value.
Pay Slips:
Employers don’t have to provide you with a payslip (unless it’s in the employment agreement) The employee does have the right to see information about how their employer has worked out wages and see the time records relating to their hours of work. It is reasonable to provide this information to staff.
How much should you be paid?:
An employer cannot pay an employee a different amount based on their: sex (including pregnancy or childbirth status), gender, employee’s colour, race, ethnic or national origins, marital or family status, age, disability, religious or ethical belief, political opinion, sexual orientation, union membership or activity.
An employee must be paid whatever rate agreed to in the employment agreement, as long as it is above the minimum wage rate (if 16 years old or over).
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