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Module 2 – Introduction to Job Search
Types of Skills
There are two types of skill - personal and work skills. Both are important in the workplace.

  • Personal skills (sometimes called personal qualities) are  the ones we learn from our life experiences – through family, friends, partners and other people. Examples of  personals skills include reliability, honesty and loyalty.
  • Work skills are the ones we learn from working. There are two types of work skills
  • Job specific skills are learnt from the job itself and are usually only suited for that type of job. Job specific skills include operating types of machinery, handling money, and computing skills.
  • Transferable skills are the ones you can take with you to  another job. They are very important because you can use  them in other jobs without having to start at the beginning. Skills can be learnt at work or at home.

Examples of transferable skills include planning and organisational skills, budgeting, making decisions, conflict   management, customer service and team skills.

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