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Module 2 – Introduction to Job Search
Introduction to Job Search

3.  You learn more skills
Working gives you skills and experience. The skills you learn could be suitable just for that job (*job specific) or suitable for other jobs also (*transferable). Most jobs involve a lot of learning “on-the-job” – which is important when it comes to improving your chances of getting that ideal job.

4.  You build a “track record”
Working gives you a track record in employment that improves the way other people see you – and gives you a better chance of getting the things you want. For example, a bank loaning money to support a small business is more likely to support someone who has a job.

5.  You feel empowered
You feel better about yourself – and you’ll get the power to take control and make decisions about your own life. If you have children, you become a role model for them.

6.  It’s rewarding
Even though your first job may not give you more money, you’ll have a higher chance of earning more in the future. Many jobs give you the opportunity to work overtime, or work where you can get double time. There may also be other benefits that can help you save money – wholesale or cheap goods, or uniforms for instance. And you may get promoted to a job that pays more or has more rewards.
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