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Module 2 – Introduction to Job Search
Introduction to Job Search
This section helps you prepare for work. It gives you a head start to changing your thoughts and actions and has some useful tools to help you develop your skills for finding work.

Reasons for Working
1.  It’s easier to get a job when you already have one
Employers prefer to hire people who are already working – and often, having a job is more important to them than the type of job you have. So once you have a job, it’s easier to get another or different one. The first job you get may not be your dream job, but it gets you a step closer to getting it.

2.  You get more confident
You get to use your skills and abilities and get rewarded for it – in wages, feedback from others, and by achieving your goals. When you work you meet lots of people and make new friends – with workmates, customers and suppliers for instance.

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