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Module 3 – Writing a CV
CV’s – How do I write one?
There are lots of different ways to write a CV and there are no exact right or wrong methods.

You can start with a basic layout and adapt it. Before you send your CV and cover letter to an employer make sure that you have followed the points below:   

  • Print out the Job advert and highlight the key words and   phrases from the advert or make note of them.
  • Your CV MUST match the position that you are applying for. Make sure that you use the words and phrasing in the advert.
  • Ensure your CV is a preview of you, not your entire life history.
  • Ensure sure you control the length of your CV. Anything more than 4 pages is too long and probably will not be read by an employer.
  • Ensure that everything matches throughout your CV, headings, body, text and bullet points. Any formatting that is out of sync with the rest will be eye-catching (and not in a good way!)    
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