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Module 3 – Writing a CV
A CV should be easy to read, short and attractive as well as current and up-to-date.

It must include:
      • Your work history
      • Your training and achievements (work related)
      • Skills and abilities that apply to the job
      • A brief introduction that ‘sells’ you to the job.
There are two communication principles to remember:
1.  Keep it simple
2.  If they didn't read it, you didn't say it.
Do I really need a CV?
It’s a good idea to put some time and energy into writing a CV.
      • You can ‘sell yourself’ by putting skills and talents in your CV that are   not usually asked for in an application
      • You have more control over what an employer knows about you
      • You can demonstrate you have initiative and are professional
      • You can explain upfront about any weaknesses you have
      • You can give the employer more to talk about in an interview  
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