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Module 4 – Application & Cover Letters
Application & Cover Letters
Writing an cover or application letter, regardless of what type it is, wouldn’t be the most entertaining thing to do.

However understanding the value of the cover letter and the role they play in the job seeking process will give you the direction to ensure you give this process a high priority.

There are 3 types of Cover Letter as shown by the insert.

  • A letter of application responding to a job ad  will give you the details of the job so you can respond to directly. However, so will everyone else.

  • A letter of Inquiry is a cold contact. There may or may not be a job vacancy – but you are taking your chances. These are much more difficult to target as you cannot relate your skills to any job tasks. In this case, highlighting what you think are the relevant skills is the best approach. More job hires are made on the back of cold calls than you might think.

  • A referral cover letter sits somewhere in between as you may be able to gain an insight into the position through your contact.
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