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Module 4 – Application & Cover Letters
Application & Cover Letters
No matter which type of job application letter you use, there are basics to include with each. Use a proper business layout, whether hard copy or email, is essential to present your letter professionally. Accurate contact information is critical. Check and re-check your name, address, phone number and email address. These are fundamental details and it is incredible how often these are incorrect.  Display that you know something about the company. HR or managers  want to see you are interested in jobs for which they hire. A strong CV that matches an vacancy  may get lost behind a weak application letter.

Take the initiative to follow up. This shows genuine interest and tenacity. You can indicate your intention to follow up in your cover letter, usually 2 weeks is appropriate.

Use Sincerely if you have used a persons name at the beginning of your letter. If you have used sir/madam instead of a name, close your letter with Yours Faithfully.
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