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Module 4 – Application & Cover Letters
Application & Cover Letters
Cover letters are an often overlooked aspect of the job search strategy. They have an important role when you are applying for a job as it is possibly the first thing an employer sees and it may make them decide whether they read your CV.

The employer will be receiving a lot of letters – so make yours stand out (in a good way). Keep in short and to the point – no more than a page. Say what the job is that you are applying for as a reference point.

Guide to what is important:   
        • Address the letter to the right person
        • Write a new letter for each job application
        • Check your grammar and spelling
        • Type the letter if possible
        • Make the presentation tidy
        • Don’t copy information which is already in your CV
        • Say why you want to work for that business
        • Always include your name, and contact details
        • Keep a copy.            
Attached is a cover letter template.
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