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Module 5 – Job Seeking Skills
Your Action Plan
To find work yourself
      • Cold calling employers – create a plan to canvas areas and companies
      • Ask family, friends and other personal contacts
      • Ask  people you have worked with before
      • Ask  around sports clubs and community groups
      • Place an ad in the work wanted
      • Ask employment agencies
      • Make statements on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn
Creating an action plan
The first step is making a plan as to how you are going to get a job. What method or combination of methods are you going to use?  
      • Your plan needs to include these things:
      • What job/s are you looking for?
      • What businesses in your area or that you can travel to have this type of work?
      • How are you going to contact them?
      • When are you going to contact them?
Keep a record of where you go and who you see. There may not be positions available right now – but there could be in the future.
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