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Module 5 – Job Seeking Skills
Your Action Plan
Finding job leads
This is a bit luck and a lot of perseverance. The most common way to find a job is being in
            • The right place
            • At the right time
            • Being the right person
So if you have called on the employer already and possible left a CV, you could be ahead of the bunch.
Here’s why you need job leads
When you are in contact or have had previous contact with an employer you’re not competing with other applicants. You are there on the phone or in person and the employer can talk to you directly. The person to person contact is the most important.
An employer is more likely to hire you because you are saving him time and money by not having to put together an ad and wait for applications. You are right there in front of him.
When a job vacancy comes up your name and CV are already on record and you have  hopefully already spent some time talking to someone senior who has the power to hire you or influence the decision.
You are out there dealing with a lot more companies and people than if you were only replying to ads  – so you’re more likely to hear about jobs coming up. You may get told to come back in a week/2 weeks/a month.
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