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Module 5 – Job Seeking Skills
Following up leads
Just as important as finding those job leads, is following them up. Phone calls, internet contact, person to person are ways to make contact. You could visit an employer and get yourself a job on the spot!

Calling an employer to follow a lead
Before you call an employer, make notes on what you want to say and ask. Have your CV, a pen and paper handy when you call.
Speak clearly and politely and make sure there is no background noise or distraction when you’re making the call.
Here are some general guidelines
  • Introduce yourself and ask for the name of the person that does the hiring
  • Ask to speak to that person – when put through, address them by name and introduce   yourself
  • Use your contacts, for example “Fiona, who is in …………………, suggested I give you a call”
  • Say why you are calling and give them basic information about yourself (very brief)
  • Ask for an appointment to discuss work opportunities
  • Send a follow up letter along with a copy of your CV
You may need to be persistent without being annoying, employers are often busy and it is sometimes difficult to get to see them. But tenacity is also a skill.
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