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Module 5 – Job Seeking Skills
Many people get jobs through asking other people they know. People who are working have a lot of contacts. They may know of vacancies where they work or at other places through friends or work colleagues.

It’s easier to get a job if someone recommends you to an employer. For the employer, its quicker to hire you and there’s less risk because they know the person recommending you.

Everybody has a wide network of friends, relatives and family who can be on the lookout for a job for you. If you ask 20 people and they each ask 2 people, that’s 60 people looking out for you. Remember – they don’t need to be lifelong friends to help. You’re just making a casual call to ask them for a hand.

Social media networking is a huge asset when you are job searching. Take a look at your friends list. How many are on there. Now apply the 2 people each to that. You can put a public post on your page or you can send a private message.
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