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Module 6 – Personal Presentation
The Real You:
It is human nature to make compromises.  All individuals change their approach depending on the people they meet and what they feel is expected from them.  Your 'on-duty' self, the one who functions in public, is different from your 'off-duty' self, the one concerned with home, family and friends.  Everyone has many and varied roles in life.  You can be one person and be a parent, son/daughter, brother/sister, friend, adviser, patient, client and consumer all in one day.

These differing roles all require their own particular qualities and skills in personal communication and can also call upon different requirements of attitude and appearance, i.e., of visual image.

Your external image (appearance) is how you are seen by the world, whereas the real you (not a role model or the person you would like to be) is someone who is honest with themselves.
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