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Module 7 – The Interview
Preparing for the interview:
If you have been invited for an interview, someone liked your CV. Here’s the most important thing before you walk through the door- They want it to be you!

The job is now yours!

Always remember that you only get one chance to make a first impression.

  • Your clothes don’t have to be brand new or the latest fashion, but they must be clean and ironed.
  • You need to make sure that your clothes are professional and not too revealing.
  • If you are wearing closed toed shoes they must be clean and polished.
  • Take out or cover your facial piercing.
  • You must be clean, make sure that you have had a bath/shower on the day of your interview.
  • Take a pack of breath mints with you, to use before you go in for your interview.
  • Don’t smoke at least half an hour before your interview.
  • If you wear perfume or aftershave, don’t overdo it as this can be as offensive as unwashed people.
  • Your hands and finger nails need to be clean and tidy and well presented.
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