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Module 9 – Communication for Change
Verbal communication
We are always talking with other people. It’s the most instant type of communication so we need to do it well. The way we talk also tells people a lot about us. Here are some important things to remember when talking with someone.
  • Match your style of talking with the situation. For instance, if you are at a job interview, talk formally and politely, and if you are at a party, talk socially.
  • Stay focussed on the conversation. Concentrate on what’s being said and listen hard for the speakers messages
  • Keep an open mind and respect other people’s opinions
  • Be positive about any personal questions people ask about you
  • Be specific about things people ask about you, such as places, dates and times
  • Ask questions politely – think about the language you use.

Sign language is considered verbal communication. Each sign or gesture is forming a word meant to be spoken. Nothing about verbal communication defines it as having to be audible.
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