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The Journey to Employment Worksheet
Multiple Intelligence Test
Find out your multiple intelligences:

  1. Fill in each section by ticking the statement that best describes you. If a statement does not describe you – leave the space blank.
  2. Add up the number of ticks for each section and write the total in the box at the bottom of each section
  3. Download the worksheet and put your results in the chart(on page 6) to make a bar graph – so you can see what your multiple intelligences are. This is an example of what the graph at the end will look like once you put in your scores. This will show you which of the intelligences rate higher for you.
      • Everyone has all the intelligences – just in varying degrees.
      • No one intelligence is better than another – they are all valuable and unique in their own way
      • You can strengthen and of the intelligences
      • This test tells you how you are now – it can change
      • Multiple intelligence is meant to empower, not label people

 I like reading Word puzzles like crosswords and jumbles are fun
 I understand and remember things better by writing notes I write for fun
 I regularly contact friends through letters or mail or messages I like playing with words like puns, anagrams, and clichés
 It is easy for me to explain my ideas to others Foreign languages interest me
 I keep a journal I like activities like debates and public speaking

 I pick up on patterns easily I remember things by putting them into a rhyme
 I focus on noise and sounds I find it hard to concentrate while listening to a radio or TV
 Moving to a beat is easy for me I like many types of music
 I have always been interested in playing an instrument Musicals are more interesting than dramatic plays
 The tones of poetry interest me It is easy to remember song lyrics

 I can imagine ideas in my head Spreadsheets are great for making charts, graphs, and tables
 I like rearranging furniture I enjoy working out 3D puzzles
 I like creating art using different media I like watching music videos
 I remember well using pictures I can recall things in mental pictures
 I like performing in arts I am good at reading maps and blueprints

 I keep my things neat and tidy I like puzzles that make me think logically
 Step by step directions are a big help I cannot start a project until I have all the information I need
 Solving problems comes easy to me I work better with structure
 I get easily frustrated with untidy people I enjoy working on a computer spreadsheet or database
 I can do calculations quickly in my head I cannot be satisfied unless things make sense to me

 I like making things with my hands I like arts and crafts
 I find it hard to sit still for long periods of time Expression through dance is beautiful
 I like outdoor games and sports I like working with tools
 I value non-verbal communication such as sign language I live an active lifestyle
 A fit body is important for a fit mind I learn by doing

 I learn best when interacting with others I like TV and radio talk shows
 The more the merrier I am a team player
 I work well in groups I do not like working alone
 I enjoy chat rooms on the internet I like belonging to clubs and other groups
 It is important to have an interest in politics I pay attention to social issues and causes

 I am very aware of my moral beliefs Working alone can be just as productive as working in a group
 I learn best when I have an emotional attachment to the subject I need to know why I should do something before I agree to it
 I believe in fairness When I believe in something, I will give 100% effort to it
 My attitude affects how I learn I like to be involved in charities
 Social justice issues concern me I am willing to protest or sign a petition to right a wrong

 I can see the connection between plants and animals Putting things in order of importance makes sense to me
 Environmental issues are important to me Animals are important in my life
 I enjoy hiking and camping My home has a recycling system in place
 I enjoy working on the garden I enjoy learning about our bodies, plants, and animals
 I believe preserving our National Parks is important I spend a lot of time outdoors

Download the blank multiple intelligence worksheet and
colour in the boxes on page 6 that relate to the number of ticks for each multiple intelligence
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